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Once you connect EmpowerID to ServiceNow, you can configure ServiceNow to manage groups within EmpowerID, and to create EmpowerID groups from ServiceNowoffer EmpowerID Service Catalog requests. This topic explains how ServiceNow works interacts with EmpowerID. For details on how to set all of this upimplementation details, see Configuring ServiceNow for GroupsService Catalog Requests.

The main connection point for group creation to EmpowerID in ServiceNow is the REST message with three methods that call the EmpowerID REST API. The other configuration is all in support of this message.

  • AccessToken - Gets the access token for web API calls.
  • Resume Workflow POST - Tells EmpowerID the approval decision so that it can resume the workflow.
  • Default POST - Tells EmpowerID that a group something was requested in ServiceNow.

A Business Rule on the ServiceNow Approval table passes parameter values to the Resume Workflow POST's responseBody, and saves any updates to the Approval table.

When you create a ServiceNow group in EmpowerID

In the Create Group workflow, the SendGroupRequestToServiceNow activity detects whether you selected ServiceNow as the Group Creation Location. If so, EmpowerID sets up a request task to send to ServiceNow. You also configure an Approval rule in ServiceNow, so that the request task goes for approval.


Finally, in EmpowerID, the SendGroupRequestToSN_ResumeExecuteCode event receives the decision and resumes the Create Group workflow.

When you create an EmpowerID group in ServiceNow

In ServiceNow, when a user goes to the Self-Service Services catalog and requests an EmpowerID group, the Default POST REST message calls an anonymous endpoint in your EmpowerID server,