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  1. On the navbar, expand Compliance and click Risk Management.

  2. On the Risk Management page, select the Global Risks tab and then search for the global risk to which you want to add a local risk.

  3. Click the Name link for the global risk.

  4. On the Global Risk Details page, select the Mappings tab, expand the Local Risks accordion, and then click the Add Local Risk button.

  5. Enter the following information for the local risk:

    • Name — Enter a name for the local risk that represents the risk in your business process language, such as Create Azure Groups in Austria

    • Display Name — Enter a display name for the risk. Display names are friendly names that appear in the user interface

    • Description — Enter a description for the local risk

    • Location — Click the Select a Location link and then search for and select a creation location for the risk

    • Enabled — Select whether to enable to policy for compilation

    • Violation # Limit — Specify the the maximum number of violations that can occur

    • Locale Key (Unique Name) — Optionally, enter a locale key to create a localized entry for the risk

    • Locale Key for Description — Optionally, if you are creating a localized entry for the risk enter a description for the locale key

  6. Click Save to create the local risk.

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