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  1. The EmpowerID SaaS option alleviates all infrastructure concerns, allowing you to focus on solving business needs with EmpowerID on day-one. EmpowerID SaaS runs on a fully redundant Microsoft Azure infrastructure in the region of your choice, with all aspects of management and monitoring handled by our infrastructure team. EmpowerID SaaS deployments are appropriately sized to balance your organization’s demanding SLAs with costs and scaled as-and-when needed. Additional service options are available for SaaS customers to offload all EmpowerID management tasks, including configuration management, converting their SaaS EmpowerID into a fully managed service. All managed service offerings can be phased out as a customer develops their own internally trained support staff.

  2. Organizations can self-host EmpowerID in their own private Microsoft Azure tenant. Our team can provide any level of support, ranging from consulting to assist your engineers in designing your infrastructure to offering a full-managed service to run and manage your EmpowerID installation. Support for other public Cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) are in beta now.

  3. An Onon-Prem premise installation of EmpowerID allows an organization to manage Cloud and on-premise systems but run EmpowerID from their own data centers. If these organizations run Kubernetes clusters today to host other services, then running EmpowerID containers on-premises is easily accomplished. While the Traditional Installation traditional installation model is an option for organizations without the know-how to run Kubernetes clusters, EmpowerID is currently testing a lightweight Kubernetes Virtual Appliance technology to offer the benefits of a containerized deployment without all the complexity involved with rolling out a new Kubernetes infrastructure.

Organizations that want to install EmpowerID using modern architectures can leverage containerization to lessen the footprint associated with a full on-premise or cloud-hosted installation. To facilitate this, EmpowerID provides OCI-compliant images of the product, allowing a fully functional instance of EmpowerID to be easily deployed as a standalone lab on a single desktop or as an orchestrated enterprise-ready environment using Kubernetes or other modern container orchestrators.


A containerized environment provides organizations with the full EmpowerID experience, but differs only in how the product is delivered. Instead of following the standard EmpowerID installation detailed in the Admin Guide, it can be deployed via containers and EmpowerID components can be rapidly scaled up or down as required.

Benefits for developers

Containers help client developers build and ship customizations faster. With containers, developers can create a container image that deploys in seconds, identically across environments. Containers act as an easy mechanism to share code across teams and to bootstrap a development environment without impacting your host.