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This topic demonstrates how to create user accounts in external directories for existing EmpowerID people.

How to create a user account for an existing EmpowerID Person

  1. On the navbar, expand Identity Administration and click People.

  2. From the Actions pane of the Person management page, click the Create User (Person Optional) action.

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    This opens the Create User form, which contains several tabs with fields for setting user account attributes or properties.

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General tab of the Create User form

  1. In the Account Creation Location field, select the account store where the account is to be created.

  2. Select an account type from the Account Type drop-down. Personal Standard is the default value.

  3. Under Location, search for and select the location within the selected account store where the account is to be created.

  4. Enter first and last names for the user account in the First Name and Last Name fields.

  5. Enter display and logon names for the user account in the Display Name and Logon Name fields.

  6. In the UPN Suffix field, select the appropriate UPN suffix.

  7. In the Country field, select the appropriate country.

  8. Select Join Account to an Existing Person.

  9. Type the name of the Person from whom you are creating the account in the Account Owner field and then click the tile for that Person.

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  10. In the Security section, select any settings you want to apply to the account.

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    • By default, Allow Join and Allow Provision are selected. These two flags tell EmpowerID that it can join the account to a matching EmpowerID Person and that it can provision a Person for the account if none exist.

    • When creating a user account for an existing person, as in this exercise, EmpowerID joins the user account to the Person and syncs the attributes based on the Attribute Flow Rules set for the account store.

Optional tabs on the Create User form 

  1. Optionally, click the Address tab and fill in address information for the user account you are creating.

  2. Optionally, click the Personal tab and fill in personal information for the user account you are creating.

Save changes

  1. Click Save.

  2. After the user account is created, the account's View page appears.

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    View pages allow you to view information about a selected resource and manage that resource as needed.


The EmpowerID Logon attribute is noteworthy, as it points to the logon name of the EmpowerID Person owning the account. If this attribute is empty, the account does not belong to an EmpowerID Person.

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