Search Tag Policy

Search Tag policies allow the automatic assignment and maintenance of search tag values for any type of resource object. Search Tag policies can be assigned to locations, groups, Query-Based Collections and Management Roles for cascading search tags to all resources in or below the specified container. For example, if you create a search tag named "Contractor" and assign the tag to the "Contractors" group, people can use the tag to filter the results of person search to contractors.

To create and assign a Search Tag policy

  1. From the navigation sidebar, expand Admin, then Policies and click Resource Tag policies.
  2. Click the Add New Search Tag Policy button.

  3. Enter a name and value for the policy in the Name and Tag Value fields and then click Save.

    Tags cannot contain spaces.

  4. After the policy is created, locate it on the Search Tag Policy page and click the Name link for it.

  5. In the Policy Assigned To dialog that appears, click the Add Assignment Point button for the appropriate EmpowerID Actor type. In this example, the policy is being assigned to a group.

  6. In the dialog that appears, type the name of the actor to which you are making the assignment, click the tile for that actor to select and then click Save.

  7. Back on the main page, click the Save button.