Terminating a Privileged Session

Computer Credential Access Managers (owners) and other delegated administrators can terminate an active session with the click of a button.

To terminate a PSM session

  1. In the navigation sidebar of the EmpowerID Web interface, expand Resources and click Computers.
  2. From the Find Computer page, click the RDP/SSH Sessions tab and then search for the session you want to view (or click on the search button to search for currently running sessions).
  3. Click the Terminate button for the session.


  4. Termination freezes the session for the user currently using the PSM session and lets them resume the session after another Remote Login. 

If the session check-out time ends, the session freezes and the user must check out credentials again to use the system from the freeze point. After termination, another Remote Login into the system allows the user to resume work from the same point.