Transferring Responsibility for Accounts

As a security administrator, there are situations in which you need to transfer responsibility for user accounts from one person to another. Since there may be a number of accounts involved, you can select multiple accounts from one person to transfer all at once.


Before you can transfer responsibility for an account, the account must have a Responsible Person assigned. There are two ways to assign a responsible party, both of which are covered in the Administering Account Responsibility topic.

To transfer user account responsibility

  1. In the Navigation Sidebar, expand Identities and select User Accounts.
  2. On the Actions tab, click Transfer Account Responsibility.
  3. On the Select Person page that appears, find and select the person from whom you want to transfer responsibility and click Submit.

  4. In the list of accounts for which the selected person is responsible, select any accounts that you want to transfer to another person and click Submit.

  5. In the Select Person page that appears, find the person you want to assign as the new responsible party for the selected accounts and click Submit

  6. The Request Complete dialog appears, and you are returned to your dashboard.