Automating Responsibility Transfer

As a security administrator, it is desirable to automatically transfer responsibility for accounts and other objects to a new responsible party when a person leaves the organization. To do this, you can select the setting in the Advanced Termination workflow for planned leaver events.


You must implement a Planned Leaver event in order to use this feature. For information on how to do this, see Implementing Planned Leaver Events (Advanced Termination).

To automate responsibility transfer

  1. In the Navigation Sidebar, expand Resources and click Workflows.
  2. On the Workflows page, search for the Terminate Person Advanced workflow and click the link to open the Details page for the workflow.

  3. On the Workflow Details page, expand the Request Workflow Parameters accordion, and click the Edit button next to the TransferOwnershipToManager parameter.

  4. Change the Value field from false to true and then click Save.

To test the process

  1. Create a test person using the Create Person Advanced action with the following settings. (See Creating People for more information.)
    1. First Name, Last Name, Display Name, and Login: any (always required)
    2. Primary Business Role and Location: any role and location (always required)
    3. Manager: search for and select yourself (required for testing this feature)
    4. Personal tab > Valid Until: any date at least four days prior to the current date (required for testing this feature)
    5. Click Save
  2. Assign responsibility for several groups or other resources to the test person. (See Administering Group Responsibility for more information.)
  3. In the Navigation Sidebar, expand IT Shop, click Workflows, and then click the Refresh RBAC button.
  4. In the Navigation Sidebar, expand Tasks and Requests, then Workflow Tasks, and click Tasks To Do.
  5. Verify that the termination task has gone for approval. Claim the task and approve it.
  6. Verify that a task to transfer each responsibility to the manager has gone for approval.

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