Configuring Server Roles

Server roles determine what EmpowerID jobs (back-end processes) and Web services are enabled on a particular server. EmpowerID categorizes server roles in the following way:

  • All-in-One Server — The server role runs all front-end Web services and back-end processes. This role is designed to be used if you have a small environment with only one EmpowerID server.
  • Application Server — This server role runs all back-end processes, known as Jobs in EmpowerID. By default it does not run any Web services.

  • Default  This server role has no Jobs or Web services associated with it. When you install EmpowerID on a server, EmpowerID assigns this role to the server. This is to ensure that no Jobs or Web services run on a server not designated for those Jobs or Web services. Change this to the appropriate role for each EmpowerID server for that server to function as intended.
  • Web Front-End  This server role runs all Web services. By default it does not run any back-end processes.

To configure EmpowerID Server Roles

  1. From the Navigation Sidebar of the EmpowerID Web interface, expand Admin > EmpowerID Servers and Settings and click EmpowerID Servers.
  2. From the EmpowerID Server Details page, click the EmpowerID Servers tab and search for the server whose role you want to set.
  3. Click the Edit button for that server.

  4. In the dialog that appears, select the appropriate role for the server from the EmpowerID Server Role drop-down.

  5. Click Save to save the role and close the dialog.