Assigning Query-Based Collections to Roles

Assigning Query Based Collections to EmpowerID Roles gives everyone in the Query-Based Collection (QBC) access to any resources defined for those roles. This topic demonstrates how to assign a QBC to an EmpowerID Role by assigning a QBC to a Management Role.

To assign a Query-Based Collection to a Management Role

  1. In the navigation sidebar of the EmpowerID Web interface, expand Identities and click Management Roles.
  2. On the All Roles tab, search for the Management Role to which you want to assign the Query-Based Collection.
  3. In the grid, click the link for the Management Role.

    This opens the View One page for the Management Role. View One pages let you view information about resources and assign access to them.

  4. Click the Advanced tab and then expand the Other Types of Management Role Members accordion.
  5. Click the Edit link above the Query-Based Collection (SetGroup) pane.

  6. In the Enter search to add field, enter for the name of the QBC that you want to add and click the tile for the group.
  7. Click Save.