Compiling Campaigns

Once you have created and configured a campaign with the appropriate parameters, you must compile it. Compilation is the process by which the entitlements and attribute values for the people in the dataset are captured and saved to the EmpowerID Identity Warehouse. This captured data becomes the basis for creating candidate roles.

In order to compile an campaign, you must be the campaign owner.

To compile campaigns

  1. From the Navigation Sidebar, expand Role Mining and click Role Mining Campaign.
  2. From the Role Mining Campaign page, click the Campaigns tab and search for the campaign you want to compile.
  3. From the grid, click the Campaign Name link for the campaign.

  4. From the Role Mining Campaign Details page for the campaign that appears, click the Dashboard tab and then click the Compile button.

    If you do not see the Compile button, check the Start and End dates set for the campaign. If the Start date is later than the present date and/or the End date has passed, EmpowerID disables the Compile button as the parameters for the campaign are no longer valid. To enable the button, update the dates accordingly. Additionally, ensure that you are the campaign owner.

  5. Once the campaign compilation completes, you can review the compiled campaign data by clicking the People and Entitlements tabs on the campaign. These tabs allow you to view the people and the entitlements returned by the campaign dataset, respectively.

  6. Optionally, you can exclude specific entitlements and people from the campaign by clicking either one or both the Excluded Entitlements and Excluded People tabs and doing the following:
    1. Click the Add button on the grid.
    2. From the dialog that appears, select the appropriate entitlement or person you want to exclude, depending on the tab (Excluded Entitlements or Excluded People) you are currently on.

    3. Click Save to close the dialog.
    4. Repeat for each exclusion you want to add to the campaign.

Once you have completed the compilation of the campaign, the next step is to create a run for it.