Viewing Privileged Session Details

EmpowerID can maintain real-time recordings of user activity for each RDP or SSH session initiated by the Privileged Session Manager. Computer Credential Access Managers (owners) and other delegated administrators can:

To comply with European Union GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that was implemented on May 25, 2018, you must do one of two things:

  • Turn off live monitoring and session recording. (See Creating Privileged Session Policies.)
  • Clearly alert the user that their session will be recorded, how it will be recorded, and that they can opt out of such monitoring by not continuing to the session.

To view privileged session details

  1. In the navigation sidebar of the EmpowerID Web interface, expand Resources and click Computers.
  2. From the Find Computer page, click the RDP/SSH Sessions tab and then search for the session you want to view.

    You can search by any of these parameters:

    • computer name
    • DNS host name
    • the Display Name of the EmpowerID Person using the session
    • the Login of the EmpowerID Person using the session
  3. Click the Session Details button for the session.

    This directs you to the View One page for the session. This page lets you view details about the session, such as:
    • who initiated the session
    • the computer accessed through the session
    • a recording of what the user did during the session (if enabled)

  4. To play a recording of the session (if enabled), click the Play button on the screen. Once playback begins, you can click the screen to pause and play the recording, and adjust the playback speed using the Speed slider.

To view an active session

  1. In the navigation sidebar, expand Resources and select Computers.
  2. Click the RDP/SSH Sessions tab.
  3. Click the Search icon to list active sessions. (Active sessions have a Terminate icon.)
  4. In the Session Details column of the active session, click the edit icon for the session.

  5. On the Priv Session Details page that appears, the Live Session box informs you that the session is in progress. Click the Connect button to view the live session.

    You must enable popups in order to view the live session.

  6. The live session opens in a new browser tab. The browser tab title reads "Monitoring - ComputerName."


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