About the IDE

The Workflow Studio IDE is where you develop EmpowerID workflows. It comprises four user interface components that work together to provide developers with a visual design environment. Through friendly drag-and-drop operations, depictions of business processes can be translated quickly into workflow logic without the need for extensive code. This can be as simple as dragging predefined activities onto the design surface of the IDE and connecting those activities with flow lines. Code editors allow C# code to be injected into the process when desired to create a complete package.

The below image shows what the Workflow Studio IDE looks like with a Flow Chart workflow opened in the Document Space or Workflow Studio Designer.

As depicted by the above image, the Workflow Studio IDE is comprised of four components—the Ribbon, the Solution Explorer, the Document Space, and the Toolbox—each of which combine to create a rich, interactive environment for workflow development. Expand the sections below for details.