Creating and Publishing Lookups

Lookup Controls are User Interface elements that can be placed in a workflow to allow users to search for EmpowerID objects. This topic demonstrates how to use the Lookup Designer to create a Lookup Control that allows users to search for another person.

To create a lookup

  1. From Workflow Studio, right-click on the package you just created and select Add New Item > User Interface > EmpowerID Lookup Control.

  2. In the Add New Lookup Control window that appears, type a name for the Lookup Control in the Name field, ensure the package is correct and then click OK.

    This opens the new Lookup Control in the Workflow Studio Designer.

  3. From the Properties grid, set the Title property to Hello World Person Lookup and the Description property to Search for a Person.

  4. From the Properties grid, set the Type property to Single. Setting the Type to Single allows users to select only one object.

  5. In the Lookup Control Data Pane located at the bottom of the designer, do the following to allow the Lookup Control to return a list of people.
    1. Click the Component Object drop-down list and select PersonView. The Component Object drop-down list contains a list of class definitions that relate to the objects EmpowerID protects, and the PersonView object provides a consolidated view of all the data fields associated with EmpowerID people.
    2. Click the Data Method drop-down list and select the GetAllSearch(string columnsToSearch, string textToSearch) method. This method returns all people contained in the EmpowerID Identity Warehouse to the Lookup Control.

      The following image shows what the Lookup Control Data Pane looks like with the above selections made.

  6. Now that the component object for the Lookup Control has been set, click the Set Grid Type button in the Lookup Designer ribbon to set the grid type for the designer.

  7. In the Set Grid Type window that appears, select Person from the drop-down and click OK. Setting the grid type for Lookup Controls in this way automatically adds the columns associated with the component object you are binding to the Lookup Control. This allows you to provide a consistent look to your Lookups and makes it easier for localization as the default grid type columns are already localized.

  8. In the Confirm dialog that appears, click Yes to continue.
  9. Save your changes.

To publish a lookup

  1. Open the lookup you want to publish.
  2. From the toolbar located above the Workflow Studio Designer, click the Compile and Publish button.

  3. In the Lookup Publishing wizard that appears, click the Next button.

  4. Select the server to which you want to publish the Lookup and click Next.

  5. Click Next again and wait for the wizard to compile the Lookup and publish it to the hosting server.
  6. Select Yes when prompted to restart one or more services.

  7. In the Active Services window, select the Web Role Service on the hosting server and click the Restart button.

  8. Select Yes when prompted to restart Workflow Studio.
  9. Select Yes to save changes to any opened files.

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