Creating an OAuth Application for Andy's Beans

The EmpowerID Web Agent makes API calls to EmpowerID to collect RBAC data on each person in your environment. The agent uses this data to determine who has access to the pages and other Andy's Beans resources being protected by EmpowerID. When you create the application, EmpowerID generates an API Key, a Client ID (Key), and a Client Secret that you use when you configure the Andy's Beans application.

To create an OAuth application for Andy's Beans

  1. In the Navigation Sidebar of the EmpowerID Web interface, expand Applications and click Manage Applications.
  2. From the Actions pane, click Create OAuth Application.

  3. In the OAuth Provider Application Details page that appears, enter a name and description for the application in the Name, Display Name, and Description fields.
  4. From the Application Status drop-down, select Active.
  5. From the Application Type drop-down, select Web Application.
  6. From the SAML Connection (SAML Bearer Assertion Grant) field, select the SAML connection for the Andy's Beans application.

    The OAuth Provider Application Details looks similar to this image.

  7. Below Callback URLs click the Add New (+) button, enter https://<YourEmpowerIDServer>WebIdPForms/OAuth/v2, and click Save.

  8. Click the Save button for the main form.
  9. After EmpowerID creates the OAuth application, in the Navigation Sidebar, expand Admin, then SSO Connections, and click OAuth.
  10. From the EmpowerID OAuth Client Apps tab of the OAuth Application page, search for the OAuth application you just created and click the Name link for that application.

  11. Locate and copy the Client ID (Key), Client Secret and ApiKey values. Add these values to the AndysBeans Web config file when configuring it for the EmpowerID Web Agent.

Now that you have created the WAM application for AndysBeans, and the OAuth application for the WAM application, the next step is to configure AndysBeans for the EmpowerID Web Agent.