Add Risk Rules to Global Risks

Risks are comprised of risk rules, which are the functions added to the risk. Risks can have as many functions as is logically needed but need to have at least one for the risk engine to calculate the risk rules. (SOD risks need at least two—a risk function and a risk segregated function.) When adding risk rules to global risks, you will only be able to add global functions.

How to add risk rules to global risks

  1. On the navbar, expand Compliance and click Risk Management.

  2. On the Risk Management page, select the Global Risks tab and then search for the global risk to which you want to add a local risk.

  3. Click the Name link for the global risk.


  4. On the Global Risk Details page, select the Mappings tab and then expand the Risk Functions accordion.

  5. Search for and select the global function(s) that you want to add as risk rules. Please note that only global functions can be searched for and added as risk rules to global risks.


  6. If you are adding functions to a Segregation of Duties risk, expand the Risk Segregated Functions accordion and then search for and select the global functions you want to add as segregated risk rules.

  7. When ready, click Submit.

Next steps