Add recertification policies to audits

In EmpowerID, an audit is a user-defined, logically named object for identifying or grouping recertification tasks and running the recertification policies that generate those tasks. After creating an audit, you add recertification policies to it to define what you want to audit. Then when the audit runs, it compiles those recertification policies, creating any necessary recertification tasks.

  1. On the navbar, expand Compliance and click Audit Configuration.

  2. Click the Audits tab and search for the audit to which you want to add a Recertification policy.

  3. Click the Audit link for the audit.

  4. On the Audit Details page that appears, expand the Recertification Policies accordion and then click the Add button.


  5. Search for and select the desired Recertification policy.

  6. Optionally, enter a number in the Ignore Any Certified Within Last X Days field and click Save.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for any other Recertification policies you want to add to the audit.

Entering a number in the Ignore Any Certified within the Last X Days field is useful in situations where a previous audit closed before all recertification tasks it generated were completed. This way, managers only receive recertification tasks for any direct reports who were not certified in the last audit.

This setting does not completely exclude previously audited direct reports; it only excludes those access assignments that were re-certified within the specified day range. Thus, if a direct report gains access to a new resource, such as becoming the member of a new group, the audit generates a recertification task for that new membership.