Configuring Exchange Management

If your environment has Microsoft Exchange, you can configure EmpowerID to inventory and enforce permissions for your Exchange organization. If you are using Exchange, EmpowerID automatically discovers the organization during the initial Active Directory forest scan, categorizes it as a Resource System, and creates a record within the ExchangeMailbox table of the EmpowerID Identity Warehouse for each mailbox within the organization. 

To work with Exchange after the initial inventory, you must:

  • Enable the Exchange Management Host Web Service on an EmpowerID Web server, enabled by default on All-In-One and Web Front-End server roles.

  • Configure the Exchange Resource System to talk to the host on the specified EmpowerID Web server

EmpowerID directs all traffic for Exchange through the EmpowerID Exchange Services Web site and application pool in IIS.

To configure Exchange management

  1. On the navbar, expand Admin, then Applications and Directories, and select Account Stores and Systems.

  2. Select the Resource Systems tab and then search for the Exchange Organization that you want to configure.

  3. Click the Display Name link for the organization.

  4. On the Account Store Details page that opens, select the Resource System tab and then click the Edit icon to put the resource system in edit mode.

    This opens the edit form for the Exchange resource system. Settings that can be edited are described in the table below the image.

  5. Edit settings as needed and then click Save.