Join and Provision Rules

When you connect EmpowerID to a user directory or other identity-aware application and turn on inventory, EmpowerID evaluates the accounts in those directories to determine whether EmpowerID People should be provisioned from those accounts. The logic that determines this is specified by the Join and Provision Rules, as well as the Join and Provision Filters in the Identity Warehouse. Thus, before turning on inventory, you should review these and adjust them as needed. This article shows you how.

How to review the Join and Provision rules for your environment

  1. On the navbar, expand Identity Lifecycle, and click Settings.

    This directs you to the Account Inbox Settings page, which contains settings that determine how EmpowerID should handle Joiner and Leaver processes in your environment. A description of the settings follows the image.


  2. Make any changes to the default settings as needed and then click Save.