Overview of Customizing the Web Interface

The EmpowerID Web application provides an overrides structure that organizations can use to customize the application according to their requirements. This includes customizing the out-of-the-box security trimming of Web pages and elements, as well as changing the default look and feel of the entire application to match any corporate branding needs.

EmpowerID provides an Overrides folder within the Web application where you can customize the default behavior or style of any Web page. When a Web file, such as a CSHTML file, exists within the Overrides folder, EmpowerID pulls that file, replacing the default with it.

When making changes to files, never modify the original file; instead, place a copy of the original in the Overrides folder and make your changes there. This allows you to restore any page back to its original state by deleting the copy from the Overrides folder.

In a default installation of EmpowerID, the Overrides folder is located at:

C:\Program Files\TheDotNetFactory\EmpowerID\Web Sites\EmpowerID.Web.Cdn\Overrides

This folder contains the following child folders:

  • Images - Add your corporate logo here.

  • Scripts - Add custom logic here.

  • Tenants - Add a folder for each tenant (with separate Images, Scripts, and Themes for each) here.

  • Themes - Add custom css here.