Changing the Default Product Name

You can change the value of the default product name that is used throughout EmpowerID by changing the {ProductName} variable from EmpowerID to that of your own product. Doing so involves involves editing the default value for the ProductName locale key.

To accomplish this you need to have access to the Admin section of the Web interface.

To change the default product name

  1. On the navbar, expand Admin > Miscellaneous and then click Localized Text.

    This directs your browser to the Locale Key Entry page.


  2. From the Localized Strings tab of the page, click the Advanced Search drop-down and then enter ProductName as the Key Name and EmpowerID as the Default Value.


  3. Click Search.

  4. In the grid, click the Locale Key (Unique Name) link.

    This directs you to the Locale Key Details page for the key.


  5. Click the Edit button for the key.


  6. Change the Default Value to the desired text and then click Save.


  7. On the navbar, expand IT Shop and click Workflows to go to the Workflows page.

  8. Click Recycle EmpowerID AppPools to initiate the workflow.


  9. Refresh your browser.

    As shown below, you should see the default product name replaced with the value you specified.