Installing Privileged Application Launcher

The EmpowerID Privileged Application Launcher (PAL) allows users to submit requests to check out vaulted credentials for a specified number of minutes by authenticating against EmpowerID. It solves the challenge of allowing administrative access to applications that require elevated Windows credentials without divulging the username and passwords for these privileged accounts. PAL is a lightweight API client that calls the EmpowerID REST API to retrieve the access granted to the person using it.

PAL is limited to Windows security. This means that the machine where PAL is installed must be a member of an inventoried domain and the vaulted credentials must be domain credentials that can be used for Windows impersonation.

To install the Privileged Application Launcher

You need to install PAL on the local machines of each user needing access to the application.

  1. Double-click the installer file, EmpowerIDApplicationLauncherInstaller.msi.

  2. In the setup wizard that appears, provide the URL of the EmpowerID host and click Next.


  3. On the Ready to install page, click Install


  4. When the agent finishes installing, click the Finish button to close the wizard.

If you are not installing PAL as an administrator, you will see a message flashing on the taskbar. Click it to open the User Account Control requesting permission to make changes on the device. Click Yes to continue.

After PAL is installed on a machine, users can access privileged applications located on other machines directly from their computer. For details on how to do so, see Using Privileged Application Launcher.