Integrate Twilio

Twilio lets you take advantage of SMS and voice delivery of One-Time Passwords for password resets and Multi-Factor Authentication. If you have a Twilio account with one or more programmable phone numbers, you can integrate it with EmpowerID. To do so, you create a new Twilio OAuth Service Provider application in EmpowerID with the Account SID, Auth Token and phone number associated with the Twilio account.


  • Your organization must have a Twilio account with at least one programmable phone number that can be used for receiving SMS and phone calls.

  • If there are multiple Twilio numbers that you want to use, create a separate application for each.

  • Password recipients must have a valid cell phone number.

To integrate Twilio with EmpowerID

  1. From the Navigation Sidebar of the EmpowerID Web application, expand Admin, then SSO Connections, and click OAuth.

  2. Click the OAuth Service Provider tab, search for Twilio, and click the Provider link.

    This opens the External OAuth Provider Details page for Twilio.

  3. From the grid, click the Edit button for the Twilio provider. Edit buttons have the pencil icon.

  4. In the General dialog that appears, do the following:

    1. Enter the Account SID for your Twilio account in the Consumer Key field.

    2. Enter the Auth Token for your Twilio account in the Consumer Secret field.

    3. Enter the Twilio phone number for your Twilio account in the Sender Identifier field. Prefix the number with your country identifier.*

    4. Click Save.

Silent Errors with Twilio

There are silent errors in the event log in three scenarios:

  • *The phone number field requires a country code and errors silently if one is not provided.

  • If the phone number is invalid the page fails silently.

  • If a person does not have a phone number, the page shows successful when it is not.