Connect to ServiceNow


To connect EmpowerID to ServiceNow, you need a ServiceNow account. You also need the following from ServiceNow to create your Account Store.

  • Username - user name of the System Administrator

  • Password

  • ServiceNow Instance*

  • Your ServiceNow instance is part of the URL that you use to log in. It is the bold portion of this example URL:


These values authenticate EmpowerID to ServiceNow. You can also configure a Provisioning policy that allows you to automatically provision ServiceNow accounts for certain users.

When you connect EmpowerID to ServiceNow and configure your ServiceNow Account Store, the first time you run inventory, EmpowerID discovers all of the users, groups, memberships, roles, locations, companies, and user accounts in ServiceNow and creates them in the EmpowerID data warehouse. Subsequent inventory runs update any changes occurring since the LastTimeStamp value tracked by the ServiceNow connector. 


Create a ServiceNow Account Store in EmpowerID

  1. On the navbar, expand Admin > Applications and Directories and then click Account Stores and Systems.

  2. On the Account Stores page, click Create Account Store.


  3. Under System Types, search for ServiceNow.

  4. Click ServiceNow to select the type and then click Submit.


  5. On the ServiceNow Settings page that appears, fill in the following information:

    • Name — Enter a name for your account store.

    • User Name — Enter the username for your ServiceNow System Administrator.

    • Password — Enter the password for your ServiceNow System Administrator.

    • ServiceNow Instance — Enter the instance issued by ServiceNow.

  6. When finished, click Submit to create the account store.

  7. EmpowerID creates the account store and the associated resource system. The next step is to configure the attribute flow between the account store and EmpowerID.

Now that the attribute flow has been set, the next steps include configuring the account store and enabling EmpowerID to inventory it.

Configure account store settings

  1. On the Account Store and Resource System page, click the Account Store tab and then click the pencil icon to put the account store in edit mode.

    This opens the edit page for the account store. This page allows you to specify the account proxy used to connect EmpowerID to your ServiceNow system as well as how you want EmpowerID to handle the user information it discovers in ServiceNow during inventory. Settings that can be edited are described in the table below the image.


  2. Edit the account store as needed and then click Save to save your changes.


Create Resource System Config Settings for ServiceNow Account Stores

You only need to do this if your organization is using the EmpowerID Orchestration Pack for ServiceNow.

  1. On the navbar, expand Infrastructure Admin > EmpowerID Servers and Settings and click EmpowerID System Settings.

  2. On the EmpowerID System settings page, add the below system settings.

You add new settings by clicking the Add button in the grid header and entering the Name, Value and Description information.


























Next, enable the Account Inbox permanent workflow to allow the Account Inbox to provision or join the user accounts in ServiceNow to EmpowerID Persons as demonstrated below.

EmpowerID recommends using the Account Inbox for provisioning and joining.