Resetting Passwords

You can reset the password for people without requiring knowledge of their old passwords. If that person has user accounts in Active Directory and other connected account stores, EmpowerID will reset that password for the person as well as for each user account joined to that person.

Reset a Person's Password

  1. On the navbar, expand Password Management and select Password Workflows.

  2. Select Reset Password.

    This opens the Reset Password for Person and Their Accounts form.

  3. Enter the following information in the form:

    • Reset Password For — Search for and select the EmpowerID Person whose passwords you want to reset.

    • Unlock Person and their Accounts — If the person is locked out of EmpowerID, select this option to unlock the person

    • Must Change Password On Next Login — Select this option to force the person to change their password on their next login.

    • New Password — Enter the new password

    • Confirm Password — Enter the new password again

  4. Click Submit to reset the password.