Vaulting Secrets

A secret is a personal, master-password protected item for which EmpowerID stores only a hash of the password. If a user loses their master password, any secrets they created will be lost. Users can create new master passwords, but the old secrets remain inviolate unless and until they find the original master password.

There are three types of secrets that users can vault.

  • Password – For storing the password, username and login page URL for an account.

  • Credit Card – For storing card type, card number, name on card, expiration date, and verification code for a credit card.

  • Note – For storing private notes in this most basic of secret types that has only the default Display Name and Notes section.

To vault a secret

  1. On the navbar, expand Privileged Access and click Request Access.

  2. Click the Secrets tab and then click the Add button.

    The Password Vault Data dialog appears with the Secret Type set to Password by default.


  3. Select the Secret Type that you want to create.

  4. Fill in the information that you want to store and click Save.