Unlocking Locked-Out People

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If a person attempts to log in to EmpowerID, but repeatedly types the wrong password within the length of time specified in the Password Manager policy that is applied to that person, EmpowerID will lock that person out of EmpowerID for the duration defined by the policy. Once that occurs the person will not be able to log in during the lockout period—even if they subsequently submit the correct password. When this is the case, you can unlock that person's account by following the procedure outlined below.

To unlock a person who is locked out of EmpowerID

  1. From the Navigation Sidebar, expand Dashboards and click Identity Admin.
  2. From the Identity Admin page, type the name of the locked-out person in the Person to Unlock field on the Unlock Person and Accounts widget and then click the tile for that person.

  3. Click Unlock.

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